Members of the American Nazi Party Civil Protection Force, known as Metrocops, cops, Civil Protection, Peacekeepers, or CPs, are the semi-secret police force fielded by the ANP to stop insurrection and actions against the party in their tracks. Using a combination of psychological and overt brutal tactics, they have succeeded in subjugating a large portion of the Eastern Seaboard and are seen as the face of the ANP in most territories. Armed with a flak vest, mask with voice modulator, and cheap enviro suits, all their gear is to be supplied by local ANP armorers and manufacturers. They are rarely issued anything more powerful than a submachine gun, and most carry old Police Revolvers as their sidearm.

Overwatch Soldier
Trained by German military officials and equipped with last-generation Army gear, the ANP Overwatch is the American arm of the Nazi military. They rely on supplies from Germany to keep them stocked, insuring that rebellions will be short lived due to attrition. These heavily indoctrinated warriors are not given a complete mental wipe like soldiers in the German Army, but are sufficiently loyal that they can be relied on in most situations. They look up to and emulate Army Regulars, but resent their use in domestic operations, which they see as their territory, and therefore their responsibility. Their armor and HEV gear make them well suited to operations in almost any climate and environmental state,

Army Regular
Decked out in the latest in environmental protection and personal armor, the Regular’s of the German Army are an uncommon sight in the United States, as the ANP Overwatch force is considered adequate for keeping the peace and protecting national interests within the United States. In those matters that require direct intervention from Germany, a company of Regulars with a support team of Stormtroopers is usually enough to get things done. Equipped with Storm Rifles, Light Machine Guns, hand grenades, and Rocket Launchers, these boys can take on superior numbers and dominate the battlefield with relative ease. When fighting on equal footing, that is, with both sides using modern firepower, their effectiveness is notably lessened.

Elite SS soldiers, they are only called upon in the most important operations, as their superior training and equipment make them far more valuable than the average soldier. Sporting genetic enhancements, they are stronger, faster, and smarter than normal humans and can take tremendous amounts of pain without impairing their combat ability. Brain implants make them completely loyal to the Party and their superior officers, and make them immune to interrogation. The most capable Stormtroopers are inducted into the Ubersoldat program. It is said that the Ozark Holdouts are working on a method to interupt their brain implants, allowing them to be interrogated or even turned, but this is regarded as rumor and hearsay.

The Ubersoldat is the result of many decades of genetic engineering and R&D for advanced cybernetics, coupled with advances in energy generation technology and servo-motors. First fielded in the Bakersfield Rebellion in 1953, the Ubersoldat has gained a much deserved reputation as the best killers the Reich can provide. Genetic enhancements improve the strength, speed, intelligence, and reaction time of an operative while cybernetic enhancements allow them to compute various data and store important information, such as maps and data on various targets of interest. Equipped with the latest in advanced weaponry, a single super soldier is more than a match for a company of regular troops, with kill power equal to a tank. Their armor is a marvel of modern engineering, and interfaces with the cybernetic implants of the operative, making the suit an extension of the soldier. Advanced servo technology allows a single Ubersoldat to lift and throw a tank, punch through reinforced steel, and move as fast as a cheetah. The armor is notable in that it can easily deflect most small arms fire, resist flame and explosions to a fantastic degree, and redirect energy emissions, including radiation. The cost of weapons and armor is astronomical, let alone the enhancements of the soldiers themselves. As such, there are only fifty or so Ubersoldat’s currently on active duty and one known to be retired due to extensive injury.


Mindless beasts living in abandoned buildings and underground places, they are extremely dangerous organisms created by infecting a human being with an as of yet unknown pathogen. Spread through exchanging bodily fluid, average time to full transformation has been clocked at just under a week, usually four or five days, with cases of extreme exposure resulting in a Ghoul in just a few hours. These terrors are what keeps people inside of the fortress cities of the ANP, often seen as the only thing standing between civilization and the “undead” tide from the wastelands. They are considered a grave threat when found in towns or cities due to the almost 100% chance of infection, and the fact that they are ambush hunters. They are equipped with sharp talons for rending flesh, and can suffer large amounts of physical damage without hindering them. Dispatching them through the use of fire or destruction of the brain is the quickest way to kill one. Of note is that they only hunt humans as a last resort, and prefer to prey on smaller and dumber animals.

The product of saturation bombing using plague payloads, Mutants are large humanoids with rudimentary intelligence. Like Ghouls, they are normally found underground or prowling abandoned buildings. In the United States, they can be encountered in the Midwest and West Coast, where they have formed bandit clans that raid and pillage villages. These reports are taken very seriously by the Reich, with the discontinuation of the plague bomb that caused these mutations and extermination teams hunting mutie bands around the clock. Armed with scavenged and home-built weapon suiting their massive frame, they are highly resistant to damage and very dangerous, often engaging in close combat by bum rushing foes guns blazing. Stories of mutant bands raiding villages are heavily suppressed by the Reich and by extension the ANP, who credit these attacks to Jew raiding parties and murderous rebels.

How exactly the Deathclaw came to be is a mystery, even to top Reich scientists. Of note is that they only inhabit North America, the West Coast and Mexico in particular. When drawn to full height, they stand at a massive fifteen feet and possess claws over a foot in length, capable of slicing through tank armor with all the ease of a hot knife gliding through butter. Their hide is resistant to bullets, making explosions and energy weapons the easiest way to kill one. They are sometimes hunted for their hide and claws, which are valued in wasteland communities and fetch a good profit.


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